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Plant of The Month

This is the perfect subscription plan

for anyone from a new plant parent to someone looking to grow their urban jungle! 

Each month, you’ll receive a new plant, right to your door already potted in one of our beautiful artisan plant pots. 

You’ll also get care instructions and fun facts about that month’s pick. 

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Group 322.png
Pet Friendly Plants

Tired of having to choose between your fur babies and your plant babies?

this monthly subscription, have a pet-friendly plant delivered to your house every month and confidently grow your indoor oasis.

Succulent Box

Get the joy of being a plat parent without the responsibility.

These plants require less water, that means less time worrying about upkeep and lower water bills, a win win!

Plus they are small and will look great in any location from bookshelves to window sills. 

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